"They were smiling at each other as if this was the beginning of the world."
bwjpeace murmured: Okay I'm totally on my way... Do you live near a beach ? We can totally lay on the beach and make a fire and stare at the stars and fall in love?

Haha dude I live right on a1a. It runs right along the beach! And sure we can build a fire, but I’m already in love!

Anonymous murmured: Haha how was your day, love ? ;)

Yesterday was okay! I didn’t do much, but can’t complain 😊 time to start a new day! Hope yours is great you sweet anon ☀️

Ps sorry if my phone is still posting duplicates (it probably will post this more than once 👿) so obnoxious. Giving up for now. Goodnight pretty flowers 🌙